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Improve Ad Campaign Efficiency by Excluding Existing Customers

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Exclude existing customers in ad campaigns to save on expenses and focus on acquiring new ones. DinMo offers an easy solution for excluding customers from your audiences.


Excluding existing customers from your ad campaigns can save you money on advertising expenses and optimize campaigns by focusing ad spending on acquiring new customers. When running advertising campaigns on Google or Meta platforms, the target audience is typically based on website visitors. However, this approach does not consider whether the visitor is an existing customer, which can lead to irrelevant ads being shown to customers who have already made a purchase. This can result in unnecessary expenses and overwhelming active customers with too many ads. Find out how to exclude existing customers from your audiences easily with DinMo.

Which Businesses Can Benefit?

If you are running a subscription-based business, selling customer durables, or if you are simply seeking to improve your targeting and messaging relevance by separating acquisition campaigns from retention or loyalty campaigns, you are the most likely to benefit from excluding existing customers from ad campaigns. In a general way, separating acquisition ads from retention or loyalty campaigns can lead to more relevant and personalized messaging for customers at different stages of their journey and generate savings for any type of business.

How to Exclude Existing Customers from Ad Campaigns?

Creating an audience that excludes existing customers and active users with DinMo is easy and can be done by following these steps:

  1. Create a segment from your Customer's Entity that excludes active customers, such as those who made a purchase in the last month for example.

  2. Sync the audience with your chosen destination platforms, such as Google Ads, or Meta Ads.

  3. Launch marketing campaigns on the created audience on your Ads Platforms.


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  • How to Exclude Existing Customers from Ad Campaigns?

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