Cross channel retargeting strategies

Cross channel retargeting strategies

3min • Mar 23, 2022

Multiple marketing touches are necessary to build brand awareness and convert prospects to customers. These touchpoints can be both online and offline, highlighting the importance to define performant audience strategies and cross-channel marketing strategies.

Learn how to use DinMo to adopt performant cross-channel retargeting strategies in all your marketing platforms.

What is cross-channel retargeting?

Cross-channel remarketing is a process of communicating across multiple channels with people who have previously interacted with your brand. The objective behind it is to increase lead/customer engagement and encourage conversion.

Indeed, rather than limitate yourself to one channel at a time, cross-channel remarketing ensures you to perform consistent marketing campaigns and create a seamless experience. Your content can successfully be tailored to the specific stage in the customer journey and to the optimal channel.

Yet, relying on first-party data is fundamental to succeed in cross-channel retargeting strategies, as it helps you to better understand your lead/customer expectations.

Build a 360° view of your customers

Individual data is collected at each touchpoint throughout the whole customer journey. This data comes from a wide variety of sources and can be both online and offline. As a result, each one of your marketing tools has data about your customers but none of them has a full picture. Then, the centralization of your customer data in your warehouse is essential to obtain a single source of truth.

This data aggregation allows you to define bespoke 360° customer profiles, which can easily be sent to your platforms by using tools like DinMo. By getting more complete and relevant data in each of your tools, you can enjoy better customer knowledge. Then, it helps you to better understand the right strategy to adopt in terms of channel and timing for your remarketing campaigns.

Broaden the scope of your campaigns

For most enterprises, leads can be acquired both online and offline. Depending on the type of business, these leads can be:

  • Online leads: people who subscribed to a newsletter, who signed up, who completed a digital form, …

  • Offline leads: people who visited a store, who called your call center, …

Regardless of their source of acquisition, leads need to be sufficiently encouraged to convert, thanks to the right incentives, at the right time, and in the right channel.

Unfortunately, prospects that were acquired offline are too often excluded from remarketing campaigns because their data is missing from media platforms. Sending their information to your marketing tools allows you to broaden the audience reached and surely increase your conversion rate.

If you want to learn more about retargeting strategies, contact us.

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  • What is cross-channel retargeting?
  • Build a 360° view of your customers
  • Broaden the scope of your campaigns

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