Drive revenue growth by leveraging customer data

Get comprehensive, accurate and always up-to-data customer data in your CRM to improve customer loyalty and prevent churn.

Drive revenue growth by leveraging customer data

Drive results in a few days


Churn rate

by identifying customers at risk and providing them personalized content

10 pts

Opening rates

by sending the right message to the right audience


Decrease in CPA

by better knowing its customers through event tracking

Your data warehouse is your single source of truth and contains a 360° overview of all your leads and customers

Get a 360° overview of your customers

  • Stop wasting time trying to upload data into your CRM. Seamlessly integrate it from all your tools. No more csv uploads needed.
  • Don't worry about the accuracy of your data, it's always fresh and up-to-date.
  • Gain a better understanding of your customers with first-party data and improve your business operations.
You can create several audiences to AB test different messages and campaigns.

Get closer to your customers

  • Personalize your campaigns using all your customer data and intelligent metrics available within your data warehouse
  • Build customer loyalty by offering content based on their preferences: product selection, channel, timing, etc.
  • Use RFM segmentation to prioritize your customers and increase LTV
Prevent churn by calculating customer score models and identifying "at risk" clients.

Identify "at-risk" customers to prevent churn

  • Measure churn by revenue, not by the number of customers, as all your customers do not have the same value for your business
  • Enrich Customer Service with as much data as possible and analyse why clients interact with them
  • Focus on "at-risk" customers and offer special offers or promotions to unhappy clients

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