Boost revenue with smart use of customer data

Streamline revenue operations to empower your sales team to excel in their core role - selling

DinMo can send valuable data to all platforms: Ads, CRM, personalization and performance tools (BI)

Achieve results within days


Available time for Sales

By gaining full autonomy in your daily tasks


Meeting booked Rate

By prioritizing them based on their scores


Customer Acquisition Cost

By assigning leads to the most suitable salesperson

You can create several audiences to AB test different messages and campaigns.

Empower your sales team with a 360° view of your customers

  • Eliminate the hassle of deciphering your customer journey across various tools
  • Integrate data from all your tools seamlessly into your CRM
  • Enhance your comprehension of customers using your first-party data, refining your discovery calls, and streamlining qualification processes
Your data warehouse is your single source of truth and contains a 360° overview of all your leads and customers

Maximize your sales potential, now

  • Use a modular, adaptive, and high-performance solution to orchestrate your data and construct efficient workflows.
  • Don’t wait for engineers to access the data you require. Achieve complete autonomy in your daily tasks.
  • Track your sales efforts and make informed decisions using our AI-powered platform
In DinMo, craft segments of leads who added a product to their cart but didn't make a purchase.

Improve your Lead Scoring Models

  • Create personalized lead-scoring models that align with your specific business requirements
  • Prioritize accounts using product and marketing data, directing attention to the most valuable leads
  • Navigate the sales cycle with confidence, using constantly updated data to make informed decisions at every stage

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