Drive more revenue from your data investments

Build intelligence within your data warehouse and get it instantly within the tools of your business teams. Empower them to operate autonomously, iterate, and foster growth.

Data from all your sources is collected and centralized in your data warehouse. DinMo reads that data and sends it to all your platforms: marketing, ads, CRM, personalization, etc.
Fully compatible with business teams needs

Fully compatible with business teams needs

  • No more managing endless data pipelines and extracting lists for each marketing and sales tool.
  • No more reliance on SQL queries for segment creation. Now, anyone can contribute to audience building without technical expertise.
  • Empower business teams to self-serve and allocate time to value-added tasks.
Tailored to your data stack

Tailored to your data stack

  • Seamless integration with your data warehouse, your semantic layer and models built-in tools
  • Breaking free from the constraints of traditional data models by building entities tailored to your business
Keep your data in your hands

Keep your data in your hands

  • Queries run directly on your data warehouse and sync directly to your destinations
  • Only hashed data sent to third party tools
  • Data remaining secure with GDPR and CCPA compliance

Really nice job! What more could you ask for than a super-smooth setup on the data side and improved performance on the marketing side?

Ryan Azzaz

Ryan Azzaz

Data Engineer

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