Turn your data into growth

Get fresh customer data into all your marketing tools. No engineering, no SQL, no manual csv upload, or costly CDP required.

Turn your data into growth

Loved by Marketing teams, trusted by Data teams

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Perfectly know your customers and leads and use their profiles in all your marketing tools for better acquisition

Customer Data activation made easy

  • Quick Setup: Get DinMo up and running in under 30 minutes - simplicity at its best.
  • Audience Building, Simplified: Build any audience using our intuitive Audience Manager, no SQL needed
  • One-Click Activation: Easily connect your customer data to all your business tools. Goodbye, CSV exports and Jira tickets.
  • Dynamic Audience Management: Enjoy continuously updated data across all synced platforms, ensuring your strategies are always fueled by the freshest customer data.
Loved by Business Teams

Loved by Business Teams

  • Boost your acquisition performance in a cookieless world
  • Easily adapt business operations to your customers and leads
  • Improve both offline and online sales by leveraging your first party data
Approved by Data Teams

Approved by Data Teams

  • Benefit from our composable approach to CDP. Reverse ETL flexibility, CDP experience without limitations.
  • Leverage your data centralization and share your data-driven culture throughout your company
  • Let business teams autonomously drive growth with your first party data and free up time for value-added tasks for your teams
DinMo only reads the data - it never stores it.

Secure by design

  • Your data always stays in your datawarehouse, DinMo only reads it
  • All sensitive data are automatically hashed before being activated into third party tools
  • DinMo is an European tool that processes your data in compliance with the GDPR

One tool for all your teams

For Digital Marketers

For CRM Managers

For Sales

For Data Teams

Boost your acquisition performance in a cookieless world

  • Optimize your marketing strategies by identifying and focusing on high-value audiences and targeting lookalikes of your top customers
  • Feed advertising algorithms with both online and offline conversion events to improve performance
  • Improve the metrics that matter the most by adopting a margin-based management
Boost your acquisition performance in a cookieless world

A wide variety of marketing destinations

Aws Athena
Google Ads
Bing Ads
Google Analytics

Put your data in motion and get value everywhere