Discover how DinMo helped Diptyque decrease its CPA by 18% by using Conversions API.


In a world where digital is omnipresent, companies are faced with increased competition and ever-higher customer acquisition costs.

In this context, Diptyque Paris, a luxury perfumery and cosmetics house founded in 1961, was looking to innovate and accelerate its e-commerce activity. Although the brand had a rich heritage and a loyal public, it needed to adopt more sophisticated and scalable methods to remain competitive on advertising platforms such as Facebook, Google, and Pinterest. The challenge was therefore daunting: how to improve the efficiency of advertising spend while maintaining the authenticity and quality of customer engagement?

That's where DinMo steps in.


Diptyque is not just any company; it's a luxury brand with a global reach, operating in Europe, North America and Asia. Each market presents its own challenges and opportunities, exacerbated by rapid technological change and the disappearance of third-party cookies. Old methods of targeting and customer acquisition are no longer viable in this new landscape. As a result, Diptyque was looking for innovative ways to maintain and even improve its marketing KPIs, notably cost per acquisition (CPA), while preserving the high quality of the online customer experience.

DinMo's role

DinMo provided Diptyque with an adaptive solution that enabled them to overcome these obstacles. Thanks to our modular Customer Data Platform, which integrates seamlessly with cloud data warehouses such as Snowflake and BigQuery, Diptyque's marketing teams were able to empower their efforts. Our platform not only facilitated the creation and synchronization of audiences, but also optimized the management of conversion APIs on various advertising platforms such as Facebook, Google and Pinterest.

In less than a week, Diptyque was able to set up conversion APIs on 8 advertising accounts managing all online acquisition investments , guaranteeing them maximum tracking of conversion events and thus better performance.

DinMo allowed Diptyque to send all conversions data to Pinterest, Google Ads and Facebook via Conversions APIs

Conversions APIs used by Diptyque


The collaboration between DinMo and Diptyque Paris has produced quantifiable results that illustrate the potential of leveraging customer data to optimize the digital experience. Here are some of the most significant results:

  • 62% increase in the number of conversions attributed on Facebook using Meta Conversions API

  • CPA reduction by 18%

  • Improved customer experience

  • Multi-continental adaptability

These results attest not only to the effectiveness of the DinMo platform, but also to the ability of the Diptyque marketing team to integrate new technologies into a coherent and effective strategy.

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