Yespark marketing teams now have self-service access to their customer data for activation thanks to Snowflake and DinMo

🌟 DinMo is a Snowflake Partner. This customer story highlights how you can leverage your customer data stored in your Snowflake data warehouse to drive profitable growth on your advertising platform.

Yespark is a French Tech marketplace that specializes in the monthly rental of parking spaces. The platform facilitates the process by allowing users to access parking spots via a smartphone app, simplifying the rental experience with features like no deposit and flexible terms.

With the coming end of third-party cookies and a digital environment already saturated, Yespark was facing an ever-higher customer acquisition costs. They wanted to leverage their first-party data, stored in their Snowflake data warehouse, to limit these impact.

That being said, Yespark was looking for a solution to segment the data available in their Snowflake data warehouse and automatically send these segments to advertising platforms

Story Highlights

  • Zero pipeline maintenance

DinMo helps Yespark manage data pipelines from their Snowflake data warehouse to their activation tools, without worrying about performance and maintenance

  • Self-service access to data

Together, Snowflake and DinMo enable Yespark marketing teams to create, manage and sync their customer audiences and events to their marketing platforms, freeing up time for data teams

  • Better targeting

With DinMo, over 30 segments queried on their Snowflake data warehouse are refreshed in their 3 marketing platforms every day.


Snowflake for data warehousing and DinMo for segmentation and activation

Yespark selected Snowflake and DinMo. With DinMo, anyone within the marketing team can use a visual segment builder to create new segments. They can autonomously sync their audiences and events data to all their platforms.

Yespark data team ingests data into Snowflake coming from various sources: app, website, CRM, phone calls, etc.

Then, marketing team uses DinMo to gain seamless access to that data.

A solution that supports many marketing use cases

Yespark began by simply sending the list of its customers to its ad platforms, so that they could use them as signals or for exclusion.

Yet when they realized that segmenting their customer Snowflake database was as simple as drag-and-drop, they started creating new audiences. This has opened up new marketing opportunities, with a much better personalization. Much finer audiences are now used for retargeting, lookalike and exclusion. More than 100 campaigns are now running!

But their Snowflake data warehouse does not just store customer data! Marketing teams can now send their conversions events to Google Ads and Meta Ads and even adjust their values to optimize the algorithms (and so get better results).

Yespark now uses DinMo as a complete data activation platform. Their marketing teams leverage it to analyze their customer data, discover new growth opportunities and implement marketing initiatives.

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