Adopting audiences strategies

Adopting audiences strategies

3min • Mar 23, 2022

Free engineers time for product development and give marketers the tool they need to fully operate on their own

Learn how to stop targeting a too broad persona, that does not always convert in high Lifetime Value consumers by using DinMo

Cut the IT bottleneck

You indeed have plenty of tailored ideas for marketing communications, and even tailored to your different audiences. All you have to do sounds easy: get a CSV of one of your audiences to be able to target the right consumers with the right message.

But, there is always a but. Engineers are often the bottleneck to accessing customer data. You usually need to give them specifications of your request and then wait for prioritization and execution. Unfortunately, the whole process can take weeks, as it may not be their top priority, which is understandable since the main priority will always be the company’s product.

Here at DinMo, we believe marketers should be able to autonomously use data to personalize their campaigns and improve the user experience. That is why we imagined an intuitive platform allowing you to easily create customer segments and send them directly from your source to your favorite marketing platforms without any intervention from data or engineering teams.

As we cut the IT bottleneck, you can easily segment your user base as frequently as needed to focus on your top customers. Synchronization of these valuable segments to your ads platform can be set up in a few clicks, allowing you to adopt smart audience strategies. Do not worry about the validity of the data, these audiences are automatically refreshed with the latest data from your user base.

Differentiate marketing operations according to audiences, by leveraging behavioral and CRM data

With DinMo, marketers are fully autonomous in building custom Audience strategies based on their first-party data. For example, you can deeply improve the performance of your audience strategies by adapting your marketing campaigns to your top consumers. You will then focus your advertising budget on highly valuable consumers and prospects, drastically improving your acquisition and your ROI.

Here are some strategies that you may want to follow:

  • Stop targeting a too-broad persona by using an exclusion list
    Of course, some of your audiences are less likely to convert. For instance, it is the case of someone who recently bought a product, and is, therefore, less likely to rebuy the exact same thing in the coming days. It is hence important to exclude these audiences from your campaigns to reduce the cost per action.

  • Identify the best targeting criteria by iterating without going through engineering requests
    Your ultimate goal is to increase your “best customers” volume. Yet, do you really know who they are? Through DinMo, easily test different segments of "best customers" (customers who spent more than X€ over a time period, customers who bought more than X times, etc.) and figure out which segment is the most performant. You can therefore use this segment to optimize your retargeting or lookalike campaigns.

  • Improve acquisition by using lookalike algorithms
    After having identified your best customers, you can smartly acquire new clients similar to them, using the lookalike capabilities of your media activation tools.
    Your acquisition campaigns will then reach a more qualitative public, which can improve your ROAS by up to 33%.

    💡 Feel free to consult our resources on improving acquisition on Meta Ads and our best practices on Google Ads.

  • Improve customer retention by understanding individual needs
    Acquiring new customers is unfortunately more expensive than reducing churn. So it's in your interest to maximize customer loyalty! To do this, you need to take into account their consumption habits and preferences, and offer them content, promotions and services that really speak to them. Personalizing the customer experience has never been as important as it is today.

All these strategies allow us to send the right message, to the right audience, at the right time, on the right channel.

Want some help and advice on the best way to adopt audience strategies? Do not hesitate to contact us to set up a free consultation with our experts.

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  • Cut the IT bottleneck
  • Differentiate marketing operations according to audiences, by leveraging behavioral and CRM data

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