Google Customer Match best practices

Google Customer Match best practices

6min • Jun 27, 2023

Aïda Mansour

Aïda Mansour

Operation Manager

Optimizing Google Customer Match with DinMo

Did you know that marketers can make $8 for every $1 spent on Google Ads? (source) That's a pretty impressive return on investment.

To achieve such success, businesses rely on tools like Google Customer Match, which allows them to harness their existing customer data for highly targeted advertising campaigns and reduced Customer Acquisition Costs. But what exactly is Google Customer Match and how does it work?

In this article, we will deep dive into the concept of Google Customer Match and uncover its immense potential for advertising on specific audiences. Additionally, we will provide you with valuable best practices to help you make the most of DinMo's integration with this powerful tool. Get ready to unlock the key to effective advertising and maximize your marketing efforts with Google Customer Match.

What is Google Customer Match?

Google Customer Match is a feature within Google Ads that allows you to use your customer data to create tailored audiences for your advertising campaigns. You can think of it as remarketing in a way but with more detailed information about the targeted customers.

If you’re not familiar with remarketing, it’s the practice of targeting your ads to people who have already engaged with your business by doing things like visiting your website or filling out a contact form. So if you collect information from your customers like their emails or addresses, you can use that to create an audience list and put your ads on their screens.

When it comes to data management, most advertisers go by the old method, uploading a file containing customer contact information such as email addresses, names, phone numbers, and mailing addresses. Then, they create a campaign to target customers from the uploaded file. However, there are better ways to categorize your leads.

With Google Customer Match, businesses can reach customers who have shown interest and are more likely to convert.

How does Google Customer Match work?

Google uses its vast database to match customers' information with users to determine who should see the ads. When a customer's information matches with a Google user, that customer is added to the advertiser's Customer Match Audience. The defined and imported audiences can be used for advertisements on Google Search, Youtube, Gmail, and the Google Display Network.

Let's take an example. Let’s say you run an online clothing store and you're having a really big sale. You want to advertise it to people who are more likely to shop with you—in this case, you want to target the people who signed up for your email newsletter. You can upload your email list to Google Ads and get your display ads to show up in front of people on that list using Google Ads Customer Match.

It is then possible to create a Google Ads advertisement and adopt different audience strategies (targeting, exclusion, lookalike).

Why should you use Google Customer Match?

Well, it’s almost in the name. You can match your ads to customers who are already familiar with your business. If someone was willing to give your business their information, they’re interested in what you offer. If you collect emails on your site, Customer Match lets you do more than just send emails from your business. You can reach this audience outside of their inboxes, in places like YouTube, Google search, and in the huge network of websites that show display ads.

With Customer Match, you can utilize your own first-party data to share valuable insights about your customers that go beyond Google's understanding. This allows you to strengthen existing customer relationships or forge new ones across Google's various properties while prioritizing privacy. This is increasingly significant as Google discontinues cookie-based remarketing in light of privacy concerns, browser changes, and regulatory developments.

Unlocking the Benefits

Google Ads Customer Match provides a plethora of advantages for advertisers, including:

Building customer relationships:

  • Personalized campaigns: In a world where 71% of consumers prefer ads tailored to their interests (source), personalization is essential. With Customer Match, you can leverage customer insights to create personalized campaigns, delivering tailored offers and messaging to engage both existing and dormant customers.

  • Boosting repeat purchases: By identifying suitable products for each customer, Customer Match increases the chances of up-selling or cross-selling, leading to more purchases from familiar customers and reducing the need for extensive campaigns.

  • Expanding reach: Customer Match extends beyond existing customers, making it useful for B2B industries with long sales cycles. It can be integrated into account-based marketing strategies to educate and guide potential customers.

Optimizing campaign performance:

  • Scalable alternative audience strategy: As the world moves away from cookies, Customer Match lists become essential for reaching valuable users without relying on traditional website tracking. They ensure scalability and effectiveness.

  • Enhanced Smart Bidding and targeting: Customer Match lists are crucial for Smart Bidding and optimized targeting, improving campaign performance. Over time, more campaign types will incorporate customer lists, further enhancing targeting capabilities.

How can you leverage custom segments with DinMo?

In addition to its comprehensive suite of functionalities, DinMo offers seamless integration with Google Customer Match. By combining the capabilities of DinMo's Data-Led Growth Platform with Google Customer Match, businesses can unlock new opportunities for data-driven growth and enhance their marketing strategies. Here's how you can leverage DinMo with Google Customer Match:

  1. Data enrichment and audience expansion: Combine DinMo with Google Customer Match to enrich customer data and expand your audience using Google's vast data network. This enables the creation of refined segments for targeted campaigns.

  2. Audience segmentation and customization: Use DinMo's no-code Audience Builder to create custom segments and import them into Google Ads via Customer Match for precise targeting and tailored ads.

  3. Cross-channel remarketing: Integrate DinMo with Google Customer Match for cross-channel remarketing campaigns, retargeting customers across multiple Google properties to increase engagement and conversions.

  4. Lookalike audience expansion: Analyze existing customer data with DinMo to create lookalike audiences that reach new prospects with similar characteristics to valuable customers. Target these audiences through Google Ads for expanded reach.

  5. Measurement and optimization: Utilize DinMo's analytics tools and Google Ads conversion tracking for campaign performance measurement, customer journey insights, and optimized marketing strategies, leading to improved ROI and sustainable growth.

Learn how to use DinMo with Google Ads in just a few simple steps:

  • To get started, connect DinMo to your Google Ads account

  • After connecting your accounts, you are ready to create an audience in DinMo using all the available data in your Knowledge Store. The audience will be used for your Google Ads campaigns

  • Once you have created your audience in DinMo, you can share it with Google Ads

  • Google Ads will match your audience with their known users using Customer Match, and you can check the resulting match rate in DinMo

  • DinMo automatically updates your audience, ensuring that it is always current and accurate. Refer to our documentation on Google Ads if you want to learn more.

Thanks to this seamless integration, you can easily create qualified audiences and use them for successful marketing campaigns on Google Ads!

Sync your customer data with Google ads in few click using DinMo Platform


Google Customer Match offers businesses valuable opportunities for targeted advertising using customer data. By implementing best practices, businesses can leverage this tool for data-driven growth. Personalizing ads, segmenting audiences, and measuring results are key to success. Combining DinMo's Data-Led Growth Platform with Google Customer Match enhances marketing efforts through enriched customer data, customized segmentation, cross-channel re-marketing, lookalike audience expansion, and effective measurement and optimization. Embracing this synergy drives data-driven growth and keeps businesses ahead of the competition.

Export audiences from your Data Warehouse to Google Ads for re-engagement across various platforms, including Search, Shopping, Gmail, YouTube, and Display Ads. Keep your customer lists in sync with Google Ads in just one click.

At DinMo, we help B2C companies like Diptyque, Salto, or Galeries Lafayette, leverage the data in their data warehouses to fuel their growth. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you leverage your customer data to enhance your business.

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Aïda Mansour

Aïda Mansour

Operation Manager

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