How DinMo helps Humanlinker optimize its Growth operations


SaaS platforms can collect a wide range of data: subscription types, interactions, credit consumption and so on. This data is a goldmine for understanding user behavior, and therefore their potential needs. Upsell opportunities can be vast, but it's not always easy to successfully exploit this data for marketing actions.

In this context, Humanlinker, offering an AI-driven sales assistant to boost the performance of sales teams through hyper-personalization, was looking for a solution to activate its data for its business tools (ads, CRM and support), while limiting the workload on the data side.

The question was crucial: How do you make the most of your data to improve acquisition and encourage upsell?

DinMo's role

Humanlinker was looking for a solution to segment its customer base and activate it on 5 platforms, without having to go through the data teams.

DinMo gave Humanlinker's Growth team complete, self-service control over their lead, customer and behavioral data.

This enables them to autonomously create and synchronize audiences, events and customer attributes to their various tools (CRM, advertising platforms and support).

Data architecture @Humanliker


Thanks to DinMo, in just a few clicks we can transform our data into concrete actions, boosting our advertising campaigns. It's an indispensable tool for segmenting our databases, improving our KPIs and optimizing our operations.

David Lopes, Head of Growth @Humanlinker

By accessing their customer data, Humanlinker's Growth team was able to put in place various use cases, enabling them to better address their leads/customers. This improves acquisition costs and promotes upsell opportunities.

They use DinMo to personalize content recommendations and refine targeting on advertising campaigns.

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