How DinMo helped Nexity implement a full multichannel strategy to reduce Customer Acquisition Costs


Since the second quarter of 2022, the French real estate market has been shaken by a number of events: tightening regulations on “passoires thermiques” (= really poorly insulated acomodations), capped debt levels, quadrupling loan rates and inflation, to name but a few.

The market has been marked by a drop in transactions of -15% in 2023 compared with 2022. The number of purchases is not expected to increase in 2024.

Against this backdrop, Nexity, one of France's leading property developers, has to face up to this sluggish market. To do so, it was essential for them to improve their customer acquisition without increasing their costs.

Their challenge was significant: How to improve customer acquisition while decreasing customer acquisition costs?


Nexity has a voluminous customer base, but was unable to exploit it for its marketing (especially acquisition) strategies.

Nexity wanted to use its first party data to improve the targeting of its campaigns, and implement a common acquisition strategy across all the levers used (SEA, display, emailing, SMS, partner portal, etc.).

In this context, Nexity's Acquisition, CRM and Display teams needed to be autonomous in order to successfully segment their customer / lead data base and send their audiences to their marketing platforms, even though they had no technical skills.


The collaboration between DinMo and Nexity yielded measurable results, illustrating the potential of leveraging customer data to reduce customer acquisition costs. Here are some of the most significant outcomes:

  • -30 % off the cost of acquiring a qualified lead, on average, on all platforms

  • 10+ new strategies tested and implemented

  • Pooling levers for better performance and personalization

Detailed results and methodology

DinMo provided Nexity with a tailored Composable CDP that helped overcome their challenges.

After a year of collaboration, DinMo is used daily by the Acquisition, Display and CRM teams for:

  1. Moving from lead management to qualified lead management

    To do this, they needed to send these events via conversion APIs to explain to the platforms who the qualified leads were, and thus enable the algorithms to optimize themselves to generate more qualified leads.

  2. Setting up new audience strategies

    Thanks to DinMo, the teams are now autonomous and have been able to implement different strategies on each platform:

    • Exclusion of existing customers from acquisition campaigns

    • Exclusion of "lost" leads from all campaigns

    • Retargeting of qualified leads that have not yet converted

    • And much more!

  3. Pooling levers for better performance

    Nexity created its own Customer 360 (using their data warehouse), allowing them to better know their leads and clients. After analyzing the various possible customer paths, they agreed on a multi-channel strategy, which is now fully implemented on DinMo.

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