How DinMo helped Ankorstore reduce its Customer Acquisition Costs by 20%


In the competitive world of ecommerce, companies constantly face the challenge of capturing customers' attention in a saturated digital landscape while managing increasing customer acquisition costs.

In this context, Ankorstore, a French unicorn connecting major brands with independent retailers, aimed to further penetrate the market and retain users, while limiting marketing campaign costs.

Our challenge was significant: How to support substantial growth while decreasing customer acquisition costs?


Ankorstore wanted to enhance the profitability of its digital marketing campaigns through smarter targeting.

The goal was to capitalize on its first party data to reach high-potential segments and optimize its ROI.

In this context, Ankorstore's marketing teams needed autonomy to create customer segments and send them to their marketing platforms, even though they had no technical expertise.

“We chose DinMo because the solution was easy to implement. In just 1 hour, everything was set up. We could build our segments ourselves and use them directly in Google Ads.”

Sylvain Sengbandith, Lead Performance Marketing


The collaboration between DinMo and Ankorstore yielded measurable results, illustrating the potential of leveraging customer data to reduce customer acquisition costs. Here are some of the most significant outcomes:

  • 20% Reduction in CPA

  • 24% Increase in conversion rate

  • Enhanced Customer Experience

Detailed results and methodology

DinMo provided Ankorstore with a tailored Reverse ETL that helped overcome their challenges. Ankorstore was able to define a new customer acquisition strategy, including new retargeting strategies.

Ankorstore has taken advantage of our data activation platform by:

  • Segmenting its customer base more easily with our intuitive Visual Builder

  • Sending audiences enriched with first-party data (CRM data) to all advertising platforms. For example, excluding existing customers from all campaigns reduced costs by 20%.

  • Sharing conversion events to Google Ads and Meta Ads

  • Leveraging our predictive metrics to determine who is a qualified lead and share the signal with Google Ads / Meta Ads

To find out more, take a look at our full case study.


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