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Maximise Google Ads ROAS with Automated Offline Conversion Uploads

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Automate offline conversion uploads with DinMo to boost your ROAS. Effortlessly sync offline conversions to Google Ads and optimizes your ad spend towards high-converting users.

Why should you include offline conversions in Google Ads?

With the increasing number of sales channels used by customers to interact with companies, the digital marketing landscape is becoming increasingly fragmented. Of course it can be an advantage for lead generation to have multiple ways to engage with your customers. But it can also turn into a challenge for marketing teams when they need to track which interactions led to conversion. If digital marketing tools now often offer tracking possibility, most marketers only track and optimize campaigns based on online metrics. Offline conversions such as phone orders, in-store purchases, or event leads are most of the time neglected, which fails to provide a comprehensive understanding of which campaigns drive sales. Knowing that these offline conversions can represent a significant portion of a business revenue, this can lead to serious missed opportunities for businesses.

One reason explaining why these conversions are ignored is the complexity of the process and the time it takes to integrate them into Google Ads. In order to include offline conversions into your Google Ads optimization engine, marketing teams need to manually upload them or use an API integration. This process is not only challenging but also very prone to errors.

And that's where DinMo comes in!

How can DinMo help you boost your ROAS with Offline Conversions?

Thanks to DinMo, marketers can finally bridge the data gap between online campaigns and offline sales or other valuable customer actions by leveraging offline conversion tracking to determine the search ads that drive such results.

Using DinMo to integrate your offline conversion data into Google Ads, you can have a complete picture of your campaign's performance and adjust ad spend towards high-converting users.

By automating offline conversion uploads, businesses can ensure their optimization engine is working with a complete picture of their campaign's performance, allowing them to adjust ad spend towards users who are more likely to convert and maximize their overall ROAS.

Example Use Case

Let’s say you’re a marketer for an e-commerce business that sells products both online and in-store. You understand the importance of maximizing your Google Ads ROAS by tracking offline conversions and attributing them to specific campaigns and ads.

With DinMo, you can easily set up a connection between your data warehouse and Google Ads and schedule regular data transfers. This allows you to track which ads and campaigns are driving the most offline conversions and adjust your advertising strategy to maximize your ROAS. By having a complete picture of your campaign's performance, you can optimize your ad spend towards users who are more likely to convert, resulting in higher ROAS for your business.

Steps involved using DinMo’s features

The good news is, you can easily sync offline conversions to Google Ads using DinMo. To do so, here are the required steps:

  1. Schedule a pipeline to collect your CRM data into your DataWarehouse. Feeling overwhelmed? At DinMo, we can simplify the process by scheduling a pipeline for you. And if you don't have a DataWarehouse yet, don't worry - we've got you covered. Our team can take care of everything for you.

  2. Connect your DataWarehouse to DinMo in a few clicks.

  3. Then, sync your offline conversions to Google Ads, or any other Ad platform, at the frequency of your preference.

You're now ready to go!

💡Learn about the wide array of uses for Reverse ETL by exploring our blog post on the topic at a higher level of detail.


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  • Why should you include offline conversions in Google Ads?
  • How can DinMo help you boost your ROAS with Offline Conversions?

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