Product Updates: 2023 Rewind

Product Updates: 2023 Rewind

3min • Jan 9, 2024

As we reflect on DinMo's first complete year, it's been an incredible journey filled with milestones and advancements. Let's go back through the key product updates of 2023.

Introducing our SQL-Free Audience Builder...

We released in early 2023 our no-code tool empowering marketers to create highly targeted audiences effortlessly, requiring only a few clicks and completely eliminating the need for SQL. It operates on a flexible data model that supports any data type, ensuring versatility and ease of use.

This Visual Audience Builder represents a key milestone in our mission to empower businesses with effortless data access and management.

You can create segments without any technical skills by using our visual Audience Builder.

DinMo’s no-code Audience Builder

... Based on a Flexible Knowledge Store

Traditional Customer Data Platforms (CDP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems use rigid data model, which often makes it complex and long to get started.

At DinMo, we removed this structure. Launching our Knowledge Store, we aimed to break free from the constraints of traditional data models, empowering businesses to build their own flexible and trusted data models.

This feature was built to capture the essence of any business, making it easier for teams to access, analyze, and activate their data. It's all about getting the right data to address the right people.

... Allowing data activation in just one click

Later this year, we drastically simplified the activation process. Creating data pipelines between a source and a destination has become as simple as a click. Just select the destinations, and DinMo instantly starts sending data without any hassle.

If you want to send a segment to a destination, you just have to select the specific destination and click on "Activate"

One-click activation to all platforms

... To a Broadened scope of Destinations...

We significantly widened our supported ad platforms, including major additions like LinkedIn, Twitter, Criteo, and Pinterest. You can of course send both audiences and conversions when relevant.

Moreover, we're thrilled to announce the support for CRM platforms such as HubSpot, Brevo, and Klaviyo. Our latest activation mode ensures users maintain accurate contact tables on their preferred CRM platforms.

Our live catalog lists all supported destinations and gives an overview of those coming soon.

Looking ahead to 2024, we are excited to reaffirm our commitment to supporting new destinations for all business teams, encompassing marketing and CRM but also Sales and Support teams. Our goal is to offer a comprehensive solution that meets the diverse needs of your evolving business strategies.

We get all our connectors out in less than a week. Let us know what destinations you'd like to see next!

... And of Supported Sources!

Not only did we expand destination integrations, but our data sources also saw significant growth. This year, we added support for three new sources: Snowflake, Postgres, and Amazon Redshift!

Our live catalog lists all supported sources. Do not hesitate to tell us if your favorite source is missing!

More than 20 destinations and 3 sources were added this year.

Available destinations and sources

DinMo now allows a better connectivity monitoring

On of the challenges of composable CDP is the ability to ensure the continuity of service while not storing the data within our backend.

To address this challenge and save data teams time and stress, we added many features to be able to detect schema changes within the data warehouse that may affect the audiences built within DinMo and alert the data team so they can intervene and fix the issues.

Has the source stopped working? Did an activation fail due to invalid permissions? We added a feature in DinMo to notify users of these issues and provide guidance on resolving them.

Proactive monitoring and observability

And much more!

In addition to these highlights, we've focused on various aspects such as increasing the robustness of our syncs service for handling billions of data rows, implementing SSO connectivity, updating our design system, enabling users to be part of different workspaces etc.

So, what to expect in 2024?

Now that the pillars of DinMo have been implemented, expect us delivering larger features, and adding even more integrations.

Our primary focus includes simplifying the DinMo setup process for users, aiming for autonomous readiness within just twenty minutes.

Moreover, we plan on bringing per-audience analytics, enabling users to track in real time the performance of each of their activations.

Finally, our AI team is working hard on something big, that we cannot wait to unveil.

✨ We can't wait to see what 2024 brings!
Thank you for being part of our journey, and stay tuned!

Table of content

  • Introducing our SQL-Free Audience Builder...
  • ... Based on a Flexible Knowledge Store
  • ... Allowing data activation in just one click
  • ... To a Broadened scope of Destinations...
  • ... And of Supported Sources!
  • DinMo now allows a better connectivity monitoring
  • And much more!
  • So, what to expect in 2024?

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