Data Warehouse

DinMo is a leading customer data activation platform, seamlessly integrating with the Snowflake cloud data environment. Connect your data warehouse and create data pipelines in minutes.

How to get data out of Snowflake

You can easily connect DinMo to your Snowflake database in just a few simple steps:

  • On your Snowflake environment, execute the script specified in the documentation in order to create the DinMo’s user
  • Then, go to the "Sources" section the DinMo platform and click on "Add New Source"
  • Select "Snowflake" from the list of available sources
  • Fill in the required information, including your account identifier, the target database, the warehouse, and the users credentials
  • Test the connection to ensure that DinMo can connect to your Snowflake instance by clicking on the "Test Connection" button
  • If the test is successful, click on "Continue" to finalize the source creation

You are now able to sync your Snowflake Data Warehouse with your all destinations and leverage your data for all your growth and analytic purposes

DinMo: The Data-Led Growth Platform

Unleash the power of your Customer Data with DinMo. Turn your data warehouse into a powerful customer data platform and sync it with your growth tools in no time.

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